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2012 into 2013 is going to be another banner year for Mary Aloe and her staff at Aloe Entertainment. The organization has been enjoying a run with a record slate of seven completed features in last the two years. Given this ambitious pace of production, the organization is garnering a reputation as a mini-studio.

Mary Aloe Entertainment

Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainment: How to Succeed in Film Financing

First, Mary Aloe says you must take the time to truly understand the many elements of film production finance and distribution, in particular, the legal components and how the rights are created, distributed and paid for.

Mary Aloe suggests you take your time, be sure to research everything and don't just 'dive in head first'. Hire legal aid to over look any documents before signing them, and if you want to be cautious look for a trustworthy consultant.

Second, you have to have some kind of connection to the industry at a fairly high level, meaning, you need to have access to trustworthy people and have a good mechanism for filtering out people who are not reliable business partners. That, Mary Aloe says, means using good lawyers and consulting with the people best qualified to analyze your proposed deal.

An example of this would be Mary Aloe and Aloe Entertainments partner on Hollywood and Wine, Mike Dolan. Mike Dolan is a fellow producer, who owns Smithfield Street Productions. Aloe Entertainment and Mary Aloe also arranged financing, produced and completed five features with her former Canadian partner O Media Inc.

The third piece of advice to would-be film financiers, says Aloe Entertainment, is “remain vigilant.” Hollywood likes to fleece people, says Mary Aloe, but if you follow steps one and two, you are more likely to enter good deals with good people.